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When running a logistics company, limitation of your liability is crucial. While standard trading conditions will reduce your risk, strong workforce management is imperative to ensure that you are not being exposed to unnecessary risk and potential liability.


The Active Track is a dynamic device well-suited to the needs of players in the logistics industry. Customers who implement the Active Track experience improved service delivery, heightened client satisfaction, and an overall reduction of loss and wasted costs. These benefits are showcased by one of our customers evading hijackers earlier this year.

A well-established clearing and forwarding company grew tired of intermittent communication between it and its truck drivers. At the suggestion of a shipper, the company’s drivers and managers were trained on the use of Active Track, and devices were issued and implemented the following day.

At the end of the first month, the value-add became clear: the Active Tracks’ GSM capabilities allowed for uninterrupted contact with drivers, as the devices could not be turned off, the devices would answer automatically after the first few rings, the battery life lasted for up to 72 hours and the devices could be charged in the vehicles if necessary. Thanks to the GPS functionality, the managers could track the movements of each device remotely and in real-time via the Active Track online portal. The portal also enabled managers to receive automated reports on the movement and alarm events of each device, via email and/or SMS. For enhanced monitoring, the company opted for 24-hour off-site monitoring by the Active Track support centre.

During a routine collection, a truck carrying a consignment of high-value goods noticed two sedans following it shortly after leaving OR Tambo International Airport. As a precaution, the driver activated the panic function on the Active Track. Within seconds, the call centre called the driver via the device, and passed on the disturbing conversation to the company’s management.

While the company arranged for back-up, the call centre continued to monitor the movements of the device. After a few minutes, the device slowed down and came to a standstill.

Fortunately, prior to being forced off the road, the driver was travelling in the direction of the company’s warehouse – from where back-up was being sent. The reaction team was in constant communication with the call centre which was leading them to the truck, and arrived at the scene moments after the truck had stopped. A struggle ensued between the reaction team and robbers, resulting in the arrest of the assailants who were subsequently handed over to the SAPS.

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