Only Pay for Hours Worked


Whether you employ staff or rely on outsourcing, the question is the same: am I paying for real hours worked?

While various controls can be employed to regulate attendance, they are often simple to manipulate. Signing on and off duty on behalf of a colleague and recording inflated working hours are two methods which can lead to a loss of profits, excessive overtime pay-outs and reduced productivity.

This widespread problem can be combatted by the simple implementation of an  FPX10 biometric device. Historically, the fingerprint recognition of many biometric devices could not consistently positively identify staff members. This resulted in confusion and an often inaccurate recordal of time and attendance. This shortfall has been overcome by the FPX10’s advanced and detailed 21-point fingerprint recognition, which identifies staff, and records their clocking on and off duty, in real-time.

The data is recorded and accessible in real-time, owing to the GPS and GSM functionality of the FPX10. The user can access the data remotely, from the dedicated online support platform, at any time of day. From the online portal, the user can control the movements of its staff. Depending on the intended application and site, the user can limit access to various areas to select personnel, and can alter permissions to clock on and off duty between sites – where multiple devices are used across a number of sites.

The technology has been designed to integrate into almost any payroll management system, with the aim to ensure that one only pays for actual hours worked. Additional benefits of this function are that it provides an objective record of attendance, which can be used to resolve disputes regarding pay and as a key document in disciplinary proceedings; and acts as a tool to improve overall staff performance.

The functionality of the FPX10 can be extended by implementing site-specific parameters and alarm conditions. This allows for automated notifications to be sent to the user when a parameter is breached or an alarm event is triggered. These events could include the failure to report for duty, or the late arrival by a staff member. In addition to being brought the attention of the user in real-time, these events are automatically recorded in the user’s payroll management system, ensuring that the employee in question is not be paid for the period of his/or her absence.

While the benefit of improved control over staff is clear, the FPX10 provides a support and safety element in the form of emergency, medical and fire panic buttons. The panic buttons can be activated by staff at any time, which will notify the user of the distress situation and trigger the necessary assistance.

The device has been designed to suit a vast range of industries. It boasts a rugged casing to withstand the conditions of labour-intensive industries, but is sleek enough to suit to an office environment. The FPX10 is portable, owing to it battery life of up to 72 hours, and can consequently be used in locations without dedicated power supplies.

Active Track’s FPX10 is the tool you need to regain control over your workforce, and reduce your payroll and overtime.

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