Guard Monitoring Woes? We Can Help

When guarding is your business, knowing that your security officers are carrying out their duties correctly, and in real-time, is key.

We offer the Active Track, a hand-held powerhouse device engineered to improve the effectiveness of and control over your security officers.

The device boasts a built-in RFID reader, and GPS and GSM functionalities; panic button and silent call functions; and is supported via an online portal and 24-hour call centre.

Through its RFID, GPS and GSM capabilities, the Active Track monitors the guard’s whereabouts in real-time, and automatically alerts the user and Active Track support centre in the event of a missed patrol. In reaction to the alert, the guard will be contacted through the device’s silent call function. This allows one to determine why the patrol was missed – namely whether the guard was asleep, carrying out patrols incorrectly, or in a distress situation – and to take the appropriate remedial action.

In addition, various alarm functions are available to the guard to ensure that assistance is provided in the event that safety of life and/or property is threatened or compromised.

From a reporting perspective, automated reports can be generated from the data captured by the device, based on KPIs set by the user. These reports, as well as all patrols and data, can be accessed in real-time through the online portal, making it effortless to conduct guard monitoring remotely, at all times.

Complementing its diverse functionality is the device’s tamper-proof and waterproof design, as well as its lengthy battery life of up to 72 hours.

From real-time reporting to its durable design, it is clear that the Active Track is perfectly suited to the needs and conditions of the security industry.

For further enquiries, please contact Active Track (Pty) Ltd’s national sales team on (011) 551 1687,, or at    ActiveTrack-10.jpg





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