Active Track (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African, B-BBEE Level 4 contributor which specialises in workforce management and reduction of payroll across Africa. Its success stems from fixed, all-inclusive monthly rental fees, combined with reliance on cutting-edge technology, which includes the Active Track and FPX10 devices – in respect of which Active Track (Pty) Ltd holds the sole distribution rights for Africa.

Active Track: The Tamper-proof & Real-time Monitoring Device

This hand-held personnel monitoring device is user-friendly, tamper-proof and waterproof to enable it to withstand harsh conditions. Through its RFID, GPS annd GSM functionalities; panic and silent call functions; and support via a live web interface and 24-hour call centre, the Active Track device is the ideal tool to ensure that your guard is awake, carrying out all patrols correctly, and assisted in panic situations.

FPX10: The Biometric Reader Integrated into your Payroll Managment System

The FPX10 is a mobile biometric reader which has vastly improved and extended biometric capabilities. This is seen by its accurate 21-point fingerprint recognition; the ability to capture data through fingerprint and RFDI; easy configuration to specific site requirements; its suitability for all labour-intensive industries; the fact that the functionality and data can be controlled remotely, via an online portal; the simple integration of the captured data into payroll management systems; and its pre-programmed stay-awake, and emergency panic functions. The result of implementing an FPX10 device is a reduction in unwanted overtime; the elimination of ghost employees; and only having to pay for real hours worked.