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Women’s Day Tribute

In celebration of Women’s Day, we pay tribute to one of South Africa’s foremost artists, Irma Stern.

Stern successfully challenged the conservative South African art scene of the 1920s, despite rejection, fierce opposition and harsh criticism. Today, she is regarded as one of South Africa’s most important artists, and reminds us of the importance of pursuing one’s passion, and fighting for what one believes in.


The Active Track team wishes all the incredible women, both staff and customers alike, a great day.

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Keeping SA Healthcare in Check


Most will agree that being admitted to hospital is regarded as a stressful experience. This is often coupled with concerns regarding quality of healthcare and safety, not helped by the sensationalist media articles that frequent our news feeds.

A private local clinic recently came under fire for complaints of poor quality healthcare. It was quick to look for a solution to improve its service level performance, and in turn to quell the concerns of complainants and negative press received.

It selected Active Track as a means to monitor its staff’s performance. The device, with RFID, GPS and GSM functionality, and housed in a hand-held and tamperproof casing, was met with approval by management.

RFID tags were placed at the entrance to each ward, above every hospital bed and at various duress locations. The nurses, doctors and other medical professionals were issued with the Active Track devices at the start of their respective shifts.

The solution was quick to implement as the personnel were merely required to scan the RFID tags of the wards visited and patients checked as they carried out their routine rounds and duties.

The captured data was automatically stored on and accessible via the cloud software. In this way, management could view the movements of its staff remotely and in real-time. It provided certainty that necessary duties, such as taking patients’ blood pressure at pre-set times and responding to patients’ calls, were being attended to promptly. As a consequence of implementing Active Track, management experienced increased accountability overall, and was placed in a position to intervene and/or act against those members whose duties were executed improperly, or not at all.

As an extra check, pre-programmed alerts were set to be triggered in the event of missed scan-in points, duress situations and/or emergencies such as fire. The alerts were programmed to be sent via SMS and email to action an appropriate response, and documented on the cloud software.

An emergency alert would be triggered by pressing the panic button on the Active Track device. This would generate an alarm in the Active Track 24-hour support centre, in addition to the dispatch of an email and SMS. The call centre would immediately call the device to determine the nature of the emergency, and take further steps to provide assistance. It would also pin-point the GPS location of the device to ensure that help is directed to the precise co-ordinates of the emergency.

Similarly, a distress situation would be communicated to both the support centre and management by pressing the Active Track’s duress button, dropping the device or scanning a duress RFID tag. A distress response would differ slightly from other emergencies, as the support centre would place a silent call through to the device to listen in on the situation within seconds of receiving the distress alarm. However, the response to the distress situation and location of the scene would be carried out in the same way.

This method of communication is advantageous in a healthcare setting as it allows the medical professionals to action the necessary help without causing widespread panic or drawing unwanted attention to the matter.

The Active Track, when integrated into a healthcare setting, promotes a union of compassion and healthcare – a goal which every healthcare provider strives to achieve.

While the Active Track provides for the needs of the healthcare industry, it can be effectively implemented in almost any sphere. As seen with healthcare, it does not interfere with machinery in any way, which makes it desirable for monitoring in high-risk industries ranging from manufacturing to mining. This feature sets it apart from many competitors which cannot offer this assurance.

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Your Partner in Monitoring Solutions

When running a logistics company, limitation of your liability is crucial. While standard trading conditions will reduce your risk, strong workforce management is imperative to ensure that you are not being exposed to unnecessary risk and potential liability.


The Active Track is a dynamic device well-suited to the needs of players in the logistics industry. Customers who implement the Active Track experience improved service delivery, heightened client satisfaction, and an overall reduction of loss and wasted costs. These benefits are showcased by one of our customers evading hijackers earlier this year.

A well-established clearing and forwarding company grew tired of intermittent communication between it and its truck drivers. At the suggestion of a shipper, the company’s drivers and managers were trained on the use of Active Track, and devices were issued and implemented the following day.

At the end of the first month, the value-add became clear: the Active Tracks’ GSM capabilities allowed for uninterrupted contact with drivers, as the devices could not be turned off, the devices would answer automatically after the first few rings, the battery life lasted for up to 72 hours and the devices could be charged in the vehicles if necessary. Thanks to the GPS functionality, the managers could track the movements of each device remotely and in real-time via the Active Track online portal. The portal also enabled managers to receive automated reports on the movement and alarm events of each device, via email and/or SMS. For enhanced monitoring, the company opted for 24-hour off-site monitoring by the Active Track support centre.

During a routine collection, a truck carrying a consignment of high-value goods noticed two sedans following it shortly after leaving OR Tambo International Airport. As a precaution, the driver activated the panic function on the Active Track. Within seconds, the call centre called the driver via the device, and passed on the disturbing conversation to the company’s management.

While the company arranged for back-up, the call centre continued to monitor the movements of the device. After a few minutes, the device slowed down and came to a standstill.

Fortunately, prior to being forced off the road, the driver was travelling in the direction of the company’s warehouse – from where back-up was being sent. The reaction team was in constant communication with the call centre which was leading them to the truck, and arrived at the scene moments after the truck had stopped. A struggle ensued between the reaction team and robbers, resulting in the arrest of the assailants who were subsequently handed over to the SAPS.

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Combatting Workforce Management Shortfalls on the Mines


The South African mining industry is no stranger to uncertainties – from questionable pieces of legislation to a fluctuating economy and weak rand.

Added to this is the pressure of high wage bills, which is often worsened by inflated working hours, ghost employees and theft of product and materials.

Fortunately, Active Track (Pty) Ltd offers some certainty with its GSM-enabled FPX10 device, which was demonstrated by the deployment of an FPX10 to an open-cast mine in the Northern Cape.

The mine was conducting prospecting operations in respect of certain iron ore deposits. The holders of the prospecting right sat in Gauteng, and relied solely on managers to see that the work was being done. However, over time the prospecting operations slowed down and staff were failing to meet the prospecting works timeline.

This resulted in the holders calling on Active Track to deploy a free demonstration unit to determine whether it could improve productivity in any way. The following day, the sales representative for the Northern Cape met management on site, and trained them on the FPX10 and its web-based support platform. Thereafter, fingerprints of all staff were loaded on to the device and site-specific parameters were set.

For a period of 30 days, each staff member scanned his/or her fingerprint as he/or she arrived on the mine and left at the end of the day. In this way, the time and attendance of all employees was logged. The data was effortlessly integrated into the mine’s payroll management system – the integration ensures that staff are only paid for the real hours worked. This exercise resulted in a reduction of the mine’s payroll, with the added benefit of there being no dispute regarding the reason for the various pay reductions.

In addition to a reduction in payroll, the business was able monitor time and attendance remotely, via the online support platform. In real-time, management could log on to the portal and see which employees had reported for duty and/or failed to do so, and which staff members had arrived late or left early on any day. Daily reports were automatically generated from the captured data, and could be accessed via the portal. This tool equipped the business to take disciplinary action against under-performing staff.

The FPX10 was configured so that management would receive automated email and SMS notifications in the event of breach of the mine’s pre-set parameters, or activation of the FPX10‘s panic or emergency functions.

Importantly, the FPX10’s extended battery life, portable design and rugged casing ensured that the unit was always operational and not affected by general dirt or dust in any way.

While the scale of the prospecting operations did not require it, larger mines can also utilise the FPX10 to control access to various areas such as mining machinery and equipment storage facilities, refuelling areas, mineral storage facilities, workshops, and offices by granting certain personnel access to specified areas.

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